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We offer ambulance transport services in the country and abroad.

Expert social work

Maintains and encourages the users for a quality life in the institution. The social worker is here from the first meeting and is here to help them in deciding how to become a user of the institution. He gives necessary information related to accommodation and the stay in the Nursing home.
The social worker performs the reception, assessment, and together with the user builds an individual adaptation plan and later a favor plan. Through individual and social work, he meets the user’s everyday habits, needs, abilities, interests and wishes. He helps the user adjust to the Home’s conditions.
Also, throughout the adaptation period and later staying in the institution, the social worker helps the user with his encouragement and support in beating the fear, uncertainty, loneliness and depression.

Occupational therapy

The social worker is obliged to realize occupational therapies. With occupational therapies, the user’s leftover abilities will be preserved, their motor skills will improve and they’ll have fun with other users.

The social worker plans and organizes activities 2x a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays from 09:00-11:00, all other celebrations are organized on the holidays.

Health protection

Medical services are performed by nurses and caregivers, as well as the doctor that visits the institution once a week and as needed.
Complete medical staff is available 24 hours a day to all users. SOS signal is used for calls from all the rooms that are registered on the monitor in the medical staff’s room.
Medical services encompass therapy, blood pressure measurement, temperature measurement, blood sugar measurement. Medical care refers to complete health of the users from hygiene, nutrition, social and recreational activities.
Appointments are made when a user needs them, the transport is secured to health institutions.
There is a possibility to transport your medical record to the Health center within the institution, and with that you can get all the needed medicine in Padina.


The menu is adjusted to the users and is checked by a nutritionist. The food is made based on the HACCP standard. There are five meals a day, three main meals and two snacks.
Meals are made from healthy groceries, boiled food, fruits, vegetables. Also, the users who have a hard time swallowing get pureed food, and the users who are not able to take meals by themselves eat in their rooms and the caregivers feed them. The menu is formed on a monthly level and the users participate in the making of it by giving their own recommendations.