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About the institution

Licensed Nursing home for the elderly "FENIX" - Padina

The Nursing home for the elderly is built in the Republic of Serbia, in a pleasant, South Banat district village, Padina, municipality Kovačica.

The institution is located in the center of the said village. It’s connected with the big cities, that is, with roads that secure an easy, fast and safe route for your desired destinations. The distance is 45km from Belgrade and 80km from Novi Sad. It’s a private institution built by european standards, where safety and comfort is guaranteed for everyone.

Opposite of the institution is the village's church. Also, in the neighborhood is located the community Health center, Cultural center with a lot of cultural events, and besides it is a sports field. In front of the institution is a pedestrian zone, as well as a parking lot for vehicles.

Because of the location and the climate of this beautiful place, that is, village, our guests are always able to go on a walk, breathe in clean air regardless of the season, while feeling safe and protected.


The facility is modernly equipped, and what’s most important, the rooms give out a nice, at home atmosphere. Within this facility there is a dining room, living room, single, double and triple bedrooms, residential units, studios, as well as apartments. Each of the apartments has a bathroom and a kitchen. There is a possibility of choosing the room or apartment, as well as mutual accommodation for married couples.

Besides every bed is an SOS signal equipment that’s used to make a call by the user at every moment. Medical staff will register it on the monitor, so that they can react when needed. Also, there is a signalization above every room’s door.

The institution has all the equipment necessary for its faultless functioning. In the living room are TV and DVD devices. The users can spend their time playing board games, reading books or the newspaper, or watching cartoons. We organize arts and crafts, games, educational events, cultural events, hikes, excursions, so in that way, each and every one of our users can be satisfied.

All of the activities and favors available to our users make them feel very active and wanted with their presence, energy and life experience, from which we can learn a whole lot.

Amenity and comfort, as well as all the favors of medical character gives the staff with adequate qualifications and education, which guarantees our users care and security. There is a possibility for consultations with the doctor, that is, going to the doctor if the health condition requires so. Food preparation is based on the HACCP standards, where the menu is adapted to the users by a nutritionist's advice.

Friendly staff with a pleasing atmosphere brings a calm stay for the users, as well as guaranteed intimate and personal life that the users will have, with our help when needed, of course.

Our goal is to take care of people, to help them, and make them feel strong and special. We want them to fill their, and our, lives with happiness and peace, which does not come to an end when staying in an institution of this kind. It’s the opposite! A new and more interesting period begins in which we can all learn a lot from and give each other the appreciation deserved.