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If you want the best for your dearest,
a healthy and comfortable life, a Nursing home is the right choice!

We offer the best prices for high quality accommodation and all the care needed. If you want to see our Nursing home with your own eyes, come and visit us!

Distance of the Nursing home:
Belgrade 40km, Novi Sad 85km, Zrenjanin 44km, Pančevo 30km

Watch this short video of the Nursing home in Padina

!INFO: All photos and videos shown on this site were taken before the appearance of COVID-19 pandemic.

The Nursing home "Fenix" in Padina is an institution specifically built for helping people in their hardest years. People who are vital and need occasional assistance in doing day-to-day tasks are always welcome in our home.

Time can be spent by playing board games, reading books or the newspaper, or by watching cartoons.

We’re organizing arts and crafts, games, tutoring, cultural events, walks, excursions, where every person will be pleased.

Occupational therapy affects people's mood, therefore it affects their health as well.

U susret proleću

Welcoming spring

Društvene igre

Board games

Čitanje knjiga

Everyone likes to read, right?

Our visitors are children, cultural artists, journalists and, of course, relatives.

Children visiting our Home

Cultural events


Big dining room able to welcome many guests

We pay attention to the calendar throughout the year and start getting ready for the holidays coming up on time.

Preparations for Easter

When needed, staff comes and helps

Decorations for Halloween made by old, but skillful hands

Christmas is celebrated in a family atmosphere - just like it should be

Putting up the Christmas tree

Santa Claus giving presents

Santa Claus doesn’t forget anyone

Festive lunch for celebrating Catholic Christmas

Festive lunch

We have guests during Christmas as well

Staying outside has a positive effect on the health of our users.

The courtyard is full of greenery

Everyone has fun

In nice weather, our courtyard is the centre of events

We do not forget the birthdays of our users.

Everyone gets a birthday party invite

"Padin" cakes are a necessity for these events

And in the end of course, dance…

The staff joins the fun too

Celebrating more birthdays at once for more fun

Our staff is hardworking and joyful...